Sunday, January 8, 2017

Budapest Beer Spots

Photos and text by Owen Ogletree
January, 2017

Budapest, Hungary loves its craft beer. Beer bars offering IPAs, imperial stouts, pale ales, wheat beers and other American and international brands are all the rage with young locals. Low prices, an easy public transport system, amazing architecture, friendly people and scrumptious food make up just a few reasons to visit this beautiful city.

Look below for my interactive map and photos of many of the best places in Budapest to enjoy a craft beer or two.

View from the River Danube.

Grab a pint of English ale at Budapest's John Bull Pub.

Marionett Craft Beer House is located
on the ground floor of the Marriott Hotel.

The taps at the Marionett contain tasty craft beer, and the puppets
do a little dance when a tap is pulled.

Spiler offers interesting Hungarian craft beer
in bottles and a tasty pub menu.

Pleasant craft beer bar.

Mosselen Belgian Beer Café.

Bottled Beer Company's cellar bar.

Caledonia Scottish Pub - the perfect place in Budapest for a Scotch whiskey or a draft pint from Belhaven.

Just one of Budapest's many craft beers.

For Sale is a touristy pub with hay and peanut shells
on the floor, loud music, a limited draft selection and food.

Jonas is a friendly, industrial-themed, craft-beer focused
bar on the Danube River in a shopping district. Nice staff and
and a well-selected range of local beers.

Pepin is a friendly craft beer pub with interesting brands.

Eleszto - a complex of craft beer pubs and drinking rooms down a short pedestrian alley. Look for a small food counter, a cask ale bar, homebrewing center and main bar. Don't miss this place while in Budapest.

Beer menu at Eleszto.

Neked Csak Dezso is a modern, two-story pub with quite an amazing selection of Hungarian craft beers.

Szimpla Kert - a funky complex of flea market stalls and bars.
Apparently, these type of bars are known as "ruin pubs."

Szimpla Kert's interior.

Hops Beer Bar

Hopaholic Pub

Csakajosor is an excellent beer store with seats to enjoy your selection on site. It's owned by the nearby Hopaholic Pub.

Legenda Sorfozde is an unpretentious beer bar with a respectable bottle selection.

Another Spiler location in Budapest.

Spiler's interior.

Monyo Cafe & Pub is a basic bar with a half dozen Hungarian
craft beers on draft and an interesting bottle selection.

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